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Software and System Development Using Virtual Platforms Image

Software and System Development Using Virtual Platforms

Aug 19 2016  Virtual platforms are finding widespread use in both pre- and post-silicon computer software and system development. They reduce time to market, improve system quality, make development more efficient, and enable truly concurrent hardware/software design and bring-up. Virtual platforms increase productivity with unparalleled inspection, configuration, and injection capabilities. In combination with other types of simulators, they provide full-system simulations where computer systems can be tested together with the environment in which they operate. This book is not only about what simulation ...

New Programmers Start Here Image

New Programmers Start Here

Aug 04 2016  New Programmers Start Here introduces students to the world of computer programming using JavaScript and related technologies. This book doesn't just teach the basics of programming, but also all of the tools that new programmers need to get started, including the basics of making web pages and how the Internet works. This book offers practice problems, activities, and a host of helps to get new programmers started, plus a large glossary of terms introduced in the book and that a new programmer might encounter when learning on their own or reading other material. No special software is require...

Learn PHP 7 2016 Image

Learn PHP 7 2016

Jun 30 2016  This new book on PHP 7 introduces writing solid, secure, object-oriented code in the new PHP 7, carefully presented in a well-paced, clear fashion. In Learn PHP 7, programming examples take advantage of the newest PHP features, including enhanced password encryption using password_hash. This book takes a learn-by-doing approach, providing you with complete coding examples. Do It exercises in each chapter provide the opportunity to make adjustments to the example code. The end of chapter programming exercises allow you to develop your own applications using the algorithms demonstrated in the ch...

Pro PHP and jQuery Image

Pro PHP and jQuery

Jun 30 2016  Pro PHP and jQuery, Second Edition is for intermediate level programmers interested in building web applications using jQuery and PHP. Updated for PHP version 7 and the latest version of jQuery, this book teaches some advanced PHP techniques and it shows you how to take your dynamic applications to the next level by adding a JavaScript layer using the jQuery framework and APIs, considered the most popular JavaScript libraries.Learn to utilize the new built-in PHP functions. Since the first edition, this book covers new PHP features like trait support, short array syntax support, updated regist...

Data Wrangling Using Python Image

Data Wrangling Using Python

Jun 30 2016  Digging into data does not have to be painful. With this book, you'll learn how to clean and analyze data, create compelling stories, and scale that data as necessary. There are awesome discoveries to be made in unassuming datasets and stories to be told. You don';t have to be a programmer to tell them. What you need is to understand the context of the data and to know a few of the techniques found in this book. You'll learn enough Python to be empowered to engage with your data, through a series of examples that grow in complexity throughout the book....