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C# 5.0 Unleashed Image

C# 5.0 Unleashed

Aug 04 2016  C# 5.0 Unleashed is a guide book that aims to teach its readers C# programming language in depth. It gives you a clear understanding of how the features of the language actually work and will help you use these features to solve a variety of problems and to design software. With this book, you can choose the right platform and language and use C# 5.0 to its full potential. The book gives you a solid grounding in both .NET and WinRT platforms and is also designed to help developers enhance their programming knowledge and efficiency.The author starts by explaining why there was the need for yet ...

Windows NT 4 Server Unleashed Image

Windows NT 4 Server Unleashed

Jun 30 2016  The Windows NT server has been gaining tremendous market share over Novell and the new upgrade-which includes a Windows 95 interface-is sure to add momentum to its market drive. To that end, Windows NT 4 Server Unleashed is written to meet that growing market. It provides information on disk and file management, integrated networking, BackOffice integration, and TCP/IP protocols....

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Image

Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Jun 30 2016  This is the industrys most comprehensive, realistic, and useful guide to Microsoft Lync Server 2010. It brings together in-the-trenches guidance for all facets of planning, integration, deployment, and administration, from expert consultants whove spent years implementing Microsoft Unified Communications solutions. The authors first introduce Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and show how it represents a powerful leap beyond earlier unified communications platforms. They systematically cover every form of communication Lync Server can manage, including IP voice, instant messaging, audio/video confere...

Slackware Linux Unleashed Image

Slackware Linux Unleashed

Jun 30 2016  Intended for the user, programmer and system administrator this text is concerned with Slackware Linux and takes the reader through installation and configuration, to advanced programming, administrating and networking the system....

TCP/IP Unleashed Image

TCP/IP Unleashed

Jun 30 2016  TCP/IP Unleashed, Third Edition, explains the features and complexities of the TCP/IP protocol suite in a comprehensive, logical format. The book is designed for easy reference and incorporates step-by-step guidelines and configuration examples to enhance the reader's learning experience. Our expert authors walk through the fundamentals of TCP/IP before moving on to more challenging topics including naming and addressing, IPv6, routing, implementation, TCP/IP applications, and TCP/IP network administration. TCP/IP Unleashed has been revised to include the latest implementation information and ...