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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Image

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015

Jun 30 2016  Learn Revit Architecture the hands-on wayFor those who like to learn by doing, this Autodesk Official Press book shows you how to build a four-story office building one step at a time, providing you with real-world practice you might expect to encounter on the job. Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial make this book the perfect way to learn Revit Architecture. In addition, you can download starting files for each chapter from the website in order to compare your work to the authors, or start fresh with any chapter in the book.Expe...

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 Image

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015

Jun 30 2016  Learn AutoCAD by example with this tutorial-based guide from Autodesk Official PressWhether you are just starting out or an experienced user wanting to brush up on your skills, this Autodesk Official Press book provides you with concise explanations, focused examples, and step-by-step instructions through a hands-on tutorial project that runs throughout the book. As you progress through the project, the book introduces you to the Microsoft Windows-based AutoCAD interface and then guides you through basic commands and creating drawings. A downloadable file is available from the website so that ...

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 Image

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011

Jun 30 2016  Learn Revit Architecture step by step with this project-based tutorialRevit Architecture is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for architects and others in related fields. Written by renowned Revit trainer Eric Wing, this simple, yet engaging tutorial teaches you the program's basics.You'll find concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial project that will take you from an introduction to the interface and Revit conventions right in to modeling a four-story office building.Explains views, grids, and the program's ed...

App Inventor for Android Image

App Inventor for Android

Jun 30 2016  Create Android mobile apps, no programming required!Even with limited programming experience, you can easily learn to create apps for the Android platform with this complete guide to App Inventor for Android. App Inventor for Android is a visual language that relies on simple programming blocks that users can drag and drop to create apps. This handy book gives you a series of fully worked-out apps, complete with their programming blocks, which you can customize for your own use or use as a starting point for creating the next killer app. And it's all without writing a single line of code. Don'...

Perl CGI Programming Image

Perl CGI Programming

Jun 30 2016  Experienced HTML authors, Webmaster, and Intranet programmers will find this book one of the fastest ways to learn CGI programming. Topics include catalog, search engine, order forms, database referencing, and user feedback scripts. Real world examples emphasize creating forms and user-driven, interactive Web sites....