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Test iOS Apps with UI Automation Image

Test iOS Apps with UI Automation

Jun 30 2016  If you're an iOS developer or QA professional tapping through an app to reproduce bugs or performance issues you thought were solved two releases ago, then this is your book. Learn how to script the user interface, assert correct behavior, stub external dependencies, reproduce performance problems, organize test code for the long haul, and automate the whole process so the machine does the work. You'll walk through a comprehensive strategy with techniques using Apple's tools that you can apply to your own apps. Automated user interface testing is an important part of a comprehensive testing st...

Web Development Solutions Image

Web Development Solutions

Jun 30 2016  As a web user, you'll no doubt have noticed some of the breathtaking applications available in today's modern web, such as Google Maps and Flickrdesktop applications than the old style web sites you are used to. You've probably also wished that you could create such things, and then thought nahhh, I'd need to know a lot of complicated code to be able to even start creating sites like these. Well, think again. There is a lot of complicated code involved in cutting-edge Ajax-style web applications, but a lot of the hard work is already done for you, and available on the Web. JavaScript libraries...

TrixBox Made Easy Image

TrixBox Made Easy

Jun 30 2016  Learn how to set up and use TrixBox (formally known as Asterisk@Home) as a traditional and Internet telephone system. The book is written in an easy to follow walk-through style, building up concepts step by step, before guiding you carefully through the planning, deployment, and management of your telephone system. Because the book covers the concepts and practices of both telephony and Asterisk, it is suitable for both professional and home users with no prior telecom experience. It's ideal for any user wishing to set up a telephony system for individual or small business usage. No previous ...

Host Your Web Site In The Cloud Image

Host Your Web Site In The Cloud

Jun 30 2016  Host Your Web Site On The Cloud is your step-by-step guide to this revolutionary approach to hosting and managing your web applications. Cloud computing gives you the tools you need to prepare and cope with a traffic onslaught. You'll have the confidence to withstand a traffic surge without melting your servers or sending you into bankruptcy. There are a number of ways to use the cloud to host existing applications, build creative new ones, and improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency or organizations large and small. You'll learn how to: gain a thorough understanding of cloud computing m...

SAPscript Made Easy Image

SAPscript Made Easy

Jun 30 2016  This guidebook (known as Printout Design Made Easy until Release 3.1H) helps reduce consulting time in development and modification of SAPscript forms. The book explains in an intuitive step-by-step manner how to do most common task (like moving/adding fields, printing bar codes and/or company logos etc.). These task help adapt forms quicker and more efficiently by using the new graphical WYSIWYG-based tools Form Painter and PC Editor....