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Learning Chef Image

Learning Chef

Jul 15 2016  If you are a system administrator, Linux administrator, cloud developer, cloud administrator, or someone who just wants to learn and apply Chef automation to your existing or new infrastructure, this book is for you. Some real-time understanding of IT processes and familiarity with Linux systems, Ruby, and JSON is essential....

Learning Three.js The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL Image

Learning Three.js The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL

Jul 11 2016  If you know JavaScript and want to start creating 3D graphics that run in any browser, this book is a great choice for you. You don't need to know anything about math or WebGL; all that you need is general knowledge of JavaScript and HTML....

Learning CoreOS Image

Learning CoreOS

Jul 11 2016  Your one-stop guide for building, configuring, maintaining, and deploying one of the world's fastest growing OSes About This Book * Understand the features of CoreOS and learn to administrate and secure a CoreOS environment * Develop, test, and deploy cloud services and applications more quickly and efficiently inside lightweight containers using CoreOS * This is a complete tutorial on CoreOS, which is the preferred OS for cloud computing as it contains components that facilitate cloud management Who This Book Is For This book is for cloud or enterprise administrators and application devel...

Learning Ext JS 4 Image

Learning Ext JS 4

Jul 07 2016  The book is a step-by-step tutorial full of example code and explanations to help a beginner learn Ext JS thoroughly. This book will help you to learn Ext JS from scratch, it would be better if you have some JavaScript knowledge. Knowledge of HTML and CSS3 would be helpful but not required....

Unsupervised Learning with R Image

Unsupervised Learning with R

Jun 30 2016  Work with over 40 packages to draw inferences from complex datasets and find hidden patterns in raw unstructured data About This Book * Unlock and discover how to tackle clusters of raw data through practical examples in R * Explore your data and create your own models from scratch * Analyze the main aspects of unsupervised learning with this comprehensive, practical step-by-step guide Who This Book Is For This book is intended for professionals who are interested in data analysis using unsupervised learning techniques, as well as data analysts, statisticians, and data scientists seeking t...