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Scratch 2.0 Game Development Hotshot Image

Scratch 2.0 Game Development Hotshot

Jun 30 2016  Get up to date with Scratch 2.0 and build brilliant games without having to code. Including 10 exciting projects that cover most game genres, you'll quickly learn the sophisticated possibilities of Scratch. Have fun! Overview Discover how to make the most of the new Scratch 2.0 interface Understand how video games work under the hood Make your projects come to life, using practical programming principles Learn how to plan and build your own interactive projects In Detail Playing video games is fun, however, it's even more fun to make your own! Scratch 2.0 makes that challenge a lot easier. I...

WebGL Hotshot Image

WebGL Hotshot

Jun 30 2016  Create interactive 3D content for web pages and mobile devices with this book and ebook Overview Simple, ready-to-use interactive 3D demonstrations and explanations for a variety of popular and innovative websites Detailed overview of how to build 3D environments including features such as designing, navigating, and interacting in 3D scenes Instantly deploy 3D websites for a variety of applications including e-commerce, social media, visualizing big data, and mobile devices In Detail This book presents many popular applications for the Web including examples of deploying 3D applications suc...

LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot Image

LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot

Jun 30 2016  Create your own exciting applications with 10 fantastic projects Overview Create your own mobile games and apps using LiveCode Develop user interfaces for mobile devices Use databases and advanced features of LiveCode In Detail There are over 2,000 programming languages and several that can be used to program mobile applications. LiveCode has proven itself a strong competitor in the mobile application development market. The power of this easy-to-learn programming environment will get you starting developing mobile apps from the very first chapter. LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot is a pr...

Prezi Hotshot Image

Prezi Hotshot

Jun 30 2016  Create amazing Prezi presentations through 10 exciting Prezi projects with this book and ebook Overview Amaze your audience and keep them engaged during your presentations with Prezi Create interactive presentations from scratch by adding images, animations, and more Learn Prezi through ten exciting projects in this step-by-step tutorial In Detail Prezi is a new and marvelous approach to the visualization of information, with over 30 million users across the globe. It's used all over the world for business presentations, pitches, and TED talks. Prezi is different; it is based on mind mapping...

PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot Image

PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot

Jun 30 2016  Create useful and exciting real-world apps for iOS and Android devices with 12 fantastic projects with this book and ebook. Overview Use PhoneGap 3.x effectively to build real, functional mobile apps ranging from productivity apps to a simple arcade game Explore often-used design patterns in apps designed for mobile devices Fully practical, project-based approach to give you the confidence in developing your app independently In Detail PhoneGap allows you to use your existing knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create useful and exciting mobile applications. This book will present you ...