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High Performance Web Sites

Jun 30 2016  Want your web site to display more quickly? This book presents 14 specific rules that will cut 25% to 50% off response time when users request a page. Author Steve Souders, in his job as Chief Performance Yahoo!, collected these best practices while optimizing some of the most-visited pages on the Web. Even sites that had already been highly optimized, such as Yahoo! Search and the Yahoo! Front Page, were able to benefit from these surprisingly simple performance guidelines.The rules in High Performance Web Sites explain how you can optimize the performance of the Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, Flash,...

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Jun 30 2016  Focusing on the line of high-performance microcontrollers offered by Microchip, Microcontrollers: High-Performance Systems and Programming discusses the practical factors that make the high-performance PIC series a better choice than their mid-range predecessors for most systems. However, one consideration in favor of the mid-range devices is the abundance of published application circuits and code samples. This book fills that gap. Possibility of programming high-performance microcontrollers in a high-level language (C language) Source code compatibility with PIC16 microcontrollers, which f...

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High Performance JavaScript

Jun 30 2016  If you're like most developers, you rely heavily on JavaScript to build interactive and quick-responding web applications. The problem is that all of those lines of JavaScript code can slow down your apps. This book reveals techniques and strategies to help you eliminate performance bottlenecks during development. You'll learn how to improve execution time, downloading, interaction with the DOM, page life cycle, and more.Yahoo! frontend engineer Nicholas C. Zakas and five other JavaScript experts-Ross Harmes, Julien Lecomte, Steven Levithan, Stoyan Stefanov, and Matt Sweeney-demonstrate optima...

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RavenDB High Performance

Jun 30 2016  Learn how to accelerate your application development by building scalable applications on the RavenDB document database Overview Learn how to build your application for scalability and high availability Make highly interactive applications that support client-side notifications, faceted search, search suggestions, and more Take advantage of advanced RavenDB APIs to make your application fly In Detail RavenDB is an exciting technology that challenges developers to reconsider their old ways of thinking about databases. In this day and age, Internet-scale applications require this fresh perspec...

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Apache Solr High Performance

Jun 30 2016  Boost the performance of Solr instances and troubleshoot real-time problems Overview Achieve high scores by boosting query time and index time, implementing boost queries and functions using the Dismax query parser and formulae. Set up and use SolrCloud for distributed indexing and searching, and implement distributed search using Shards Use GeoSpatial search, handling homophones, and ignoring listed words from being indexed and searched Boost your search based on scores, the DisMax query parser, and function queries. Explore performance metrics along with implementing different Solr cachin...