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Getting Started with Sensors Image

Getting Started with Sensors

Aug 15 2016  To build electronic projects that can sense the physical world, you need to build circuits based around sensors: electronic components that react to physical phenomena by sending an electrical signal. Even with only basic electronic components, you can build useful and educational sensor projects. But if you incorporate Arduino or Raspberry Pi into your project, you can build much more sophisticated projects that can react in interesting ways and even connect to the Internet. This book starts by teaching you the basic electronic circuits to read and react to a sensor. It then goes on to show h...

Make Getting Started with p5.js Image

Make Getting Started with p5.js

Aug 07 2016  Processing opened up the world of programming to artists, designers, educators, and beginners. The p5.js JavaScript implementation of Processing reinterprets it for today's web. This short book gently introduces the core concepts of computer programming and working with Processing. Written by the co-founders of the Processing project, Reas and Fry, along with Lauren McCarthy, one of the minds behind p5.js, Getting Started with p5.js gets you in on the fun!...

Getting Started with UDK Image

Getting Started with UDK

Jun 30 2016  This book is written by someone who is passionate about games for those who are equally passionate about games. The step-by-step instructions contained within this guide will make creating your first game simple.If you have ever had the urge to know more about how all those amazing games you played for countless hours are created, then this book is definitely for you! This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to create a complete game within UDK.Even if you have no prior experience of UDK, you can still start building the games you want today....

Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework Image

Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework

Jun 30 2016  Develop modern web applications in Meteor, one of the hottest new JavaScript platforms Overview * Create dynamic, multi-user web applications completely in JavaScript.* Use best practice design patterns including MVC, templates, and data synchronization.* Create simple, effective user authentication including Facebook and Twitter integration.* Learn the time-saving techniques of Meteor to code powerful, lightning-fast web apps in minutes In Detail Meteor is a brand new platform built entirely in JavaScript that allows you to build modern, dynamic web applications in the blink of an eye. With s...

Getting Started with Cubieboard Image

Getting Started with Cubieboard

Jun 30 2016  Leverage the power of the ARM-based Cubieboard to create amazing projects About This BookLearn how to choose a development board, install various Linux distributions, and put them to real-world useUnderstand how to start using a Cubieboard for work-related purposesLearn how to perform the steps involved in building a system and tailor it to your needsWho This Book Is ForIf you are anywhere from a beginner to an advanced user of ARM, who wishes to get into the rapidly advancing world of development boards, such as Cubieboard, this is the book for you. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professiona...