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Fundamentals of Adaptive Signal Processing Image

Fundamentals of Adaptive Signal Processing

Jun 30 2016  This book is an accessible guide to adaptive signal processing methods that equips the reader with advanced theoretical and practical tools for the study and development of circuit structures and provides robust algorithms relevant to a wide variety of application scenarios. Examples include multimodal and multimedia communications, the biological and biomedical fields, economic models, environmental sciences, acoustics, telecommunications, remote sensing, monitoring and in general, the modeling and prediction of complex physical phenomena. The reader will learn not only how to design and impl...

Fundamentals of Sketch-Based Passwords Image

Fundamentals of Sketch-Based Passwords

Jun 30 2016  This SpringerBrief explores graphical password systems and examines novel drawing-based methods in terms of security, usability, and human computer-interactions. It provides a systematic approach for recognizing, comparing, and matching sketch-based passwords in the context of modern computing systems. The book offers both a security and usability analysis of the accumulative framework used for incorporating handwriting biometrics and a human computer-interaction performance analysis. The chapters offer new perspectives and experimental results regarding model uniqueness, recognition tolerance...

Fundamentals of IOS 8 Image

Fundamentals of IOS 8

Jun 30 2016  Learn to use your the fundamentals of iOS 8 the easy way, no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point... iOS 8 is the latest release of Apple's mobile operating system and run on some cool little devices, and are widely used by both beginners and experienced users. This book explores New features of IOS 8 Setting up your iPhone Setting up and connecting to WiFi, Setting yourself up with icloud and Apple IDs A tour of the interface, icons and menus Mastering multi touch gestures, Organising your favourite photos, Buying, organising and listening to music, Using maps to get directions, Browsing ...

Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems Image

Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems

Jun 30 2016  Bridging the gap between basic theoretical texts and specific system recommendations, Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems addresses the definition, design, justification, and verification of instrumentation for optical spectroscopy, with an emphasis on the application and realization of the technology. The optical spectroscopy solutions discussed within use dispersive spectrometers that primarily involve diffraction gratings. Topics include dispersive elements, detectors, illumination, calibration, and stray light. This book is suitable for students and for professionals lo...

Direct Current Fundamentals Image

Direct Current Fundamentals

Jun 30 2016  For nearly half a century, this widely acclaimed book has presented the fundamental concepts of direct current electricity and magnetism in a straightforward, practical manner. This reader-friendly guide to DC electrical theory and applications is both thorough and focused, providing detailed coverage in a convenient, affordable volume. The new Eighth Edition retains the distinguishing features that are the cornerstone of this trusted book, including logically organized content that progresses step-by-step from basic principles to advanced concepts. Enhancements for the new edition include upd...