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Beginning J2EE 1.4 Image

Beginning J2EE 1.4

Jun 30 2016  *This book is more than simply a reprint of material already freely available on the Web (Im looking at you, The J2EE Tutorial). * Concentrates on the parts of J2EE that readers find most interesting, accessible, and relevant for the start of their professional career JSP and Servlets, rather than in depth coverage of EJB - helps reader accomplish something and may spark interest for further exploration of J2EE. * This title will concentrate on web development (using JSP and Servlets) but still be aimed at programmers who want to become J2EE developers so it will be a title for the Java cat...

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 Image

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8

Jun 30 2016  * Offering a native Windows release, PostgreSQL 8.0 is poised to garner considerable market share in the open source arena. This book shows readers how to harness this popular open source database with PHP, the worlds most popular web scripting language. * Essentially three books in one, PostgreSQL 8.0 exposes readers to detailed introductions of PHP and PostgreSQL. Readers gain extensive knowledge about these two popular open source technologies to create powerful websites. * Authored by W. Jason Gilmore, author of the best selling Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, and ...

Beginning C# 2008 Image

Beginning C# 2008

Jun 30 2016  This book is for anyone who wants to write good C# 2008 codeeven if you have never programmed before. Writing good code can be a challenge. There are so many options, especially in a language like C#. If you want to really get the best from a programming language, you need to know which features work best in which situations and understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is this understanding that makes the difference between coding and coding well. Beginning C# 2008 has been written to teach you how to use the C# programming language to solve problems. From the earliest chapters, and from...

Beginning SUSE Linux Image

Beginning SUSE Linux

Jun 30 2016  Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional is designed for the newcomer to Linux. It aims to guide you through numerous practical topics relevant to effective operation of this popular operating system. The book begins by discussing the background of Linux and open source software, then proceeds to guide you through the SUSE installation process. Youll learn how to use the basic functions, and modify the look and feel according to your tastes. This book is packed with troubleshooting tips, so even the most cautious beginner will feel right at home. Next, the book covers the daily usage ...

Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Image

Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3

Jun 30 2016  Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) continues to be one of the leading Java technologies and platforms from Oracle (previously Sun). Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3, Second Edition is this first tutorial book on the final version of the Java EE 6 Platform. Step by step and easy to follow, this book describes many of the Java EE 6 specifications and reference implementations, and shows them in action using practical examples. This book uses the new version of GlassFish 3 to deploy and administer the code examples. Written by an expert member of the Java EE 6 specification request an...