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Black and White Photography Image

Black and White Photography

Jul 15 2016  Master The Art of Black White Photography And Become A More Well-Rounded Photographer Today! Black and white photography is considered by some to be more difficult than color photography, simply because color ceases to be an element in the finished product. However, it is still an element to be considered while shooting, because color affects what greys, whites, and blacks you get as a result. Black and white can make your photos much more simple, pared down to the basics. This can make photographs appear more serious or scary, or even take away considerations of decade or century. Photograph...

David Busch's Digital Photography Bucket List Image

David Busch's Digital Photography Bucket List

Jun 30 2016  Whether you're a professional photographer or an avid amateur shutterbug, get ready to flex your creativity and enhance your portfolio of images. David Busch's Digital Photography Bucket List: 100 Great Digital Photos You Must Take Before You Die provides the inspiration and direction you need to expand your photographic horizons. Filled with 100 inspiring images, this book will help digital photographers like you improve your skills, fill out your portfolio, and maximize your creative vision. Categorized into a variety of genres, each image is laid out in a two-page spread with information on...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for Photographers Image

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for Photographers

Jun 30 2016  To coincide with some of the biggest changes in Photoshop Elements for years, Philip Andrews completely revises his bestselling title to include all the new features of this release. See how the new interface works alongside new tools, techniques and workflows to make editing, enhancing and sharing your pictures easier than ever. And as always, he introduces the changed and improved features with colorful illustrations and the clear step-by-step instruction that has made his books the go-to titles for photographers the world over. In this edition Andrews highlights the following new features:...

500 Poses for Photographing Infants and Toddlers Image

500 Poses for Photographing Infants and Toddlers

Jun 30 2016  Offering inspiration as well as guidance for portrait photographers to use during sessions with infants and toddlers-notoriously difficult subjects for posing-this guide takes a uniquely visual approach to instruction through its 500 stellar shots. With the challenges faced while working with children, it is easy to end up in a rut of go-to poses. The book counters the stock image effect with its broad variety of creative options, and incorporates experience-based knowledge on achieving successful results, such as creating a comforting zone for the child or the potential assistance of integrat...

500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits Image

500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits

Jun 30 2016  Filled with images by accomplished portrait, fashion, and wedding photographers, thisis a resource for photographers seeking inspiration for their own work when capturing group images. Designed for ease of use, the sample portraits in this guidebook are grouped according to the number of subjects included-working from small groups of three up to larger groups including 10 or more people-and within each section, the portraits are further subdivided into how much the frame showsof the subjects, from close head-and-shoulders portraits to three-quarter-length imagesand full-length shots. The hundr...