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Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems Image

Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems

Jul 21 2016  Embedded systems have long become essential in application areas in which human control is impossible or infeasible. The development of modern embedded systems is becoming increasingly difficult and challenging because of their overall system complexity, their tighter and cross-functional integration, the increasing requirements concerning safety and real-time behavior, and the need to reduce development and operation costs.This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Software Platform Embedded Systems (SPES) modeling framework and demonstrates its applicability in embedded system develo...

Heterogeneous Multicore Processor Technologies for Embedded Systems Image

Heterogeneous Multicore Processor Technologies for Embedded Systems

Jul 15 2016  To satisfy the higher requirements of digitally converged embedded systems, this book describes heterogeneous multicore technology that uses various kinds of low-power embedded processor cores on a single chip. With this technology, heterogeneous parallelism can be implemented on an SoC, and greater flexibility and superior performance per watt can then be achieved. This book defines the heterogeneous multicore architecture and explains in detail several embedded processor cores including CPU cores and special-purpose processor cores that achieve highly arithmetic-level parallelism. The author...

Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems Image

Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems

Jun 30 2016  Multiplexed networks are essential for the unified, efficient and cost-effective exchange of electronic information within embedded component systems. This is especially important in automotive manufacturing as vehicles become increasingly reliant on robust electronic networks and systems for improved reliability, anti-lock brake systems (ABS), steering, on-board navigation systems, and much more. The latest systems such as X-by-Wire and FlexRay aim to produce faster, fault-tolerant network component interconnects, for state-of-the-art network implementation and safer, more reliable engineerin...

Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499 Image

Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499

Jun 30 2016  This book describes a novel approach for the design of embedded systems and industrial automation systems, using a unified model-driven approach that is applicable in both domains. The authors illustrate their methodology, using the IEC 61499 standard as the main vehicle for specification, verification, static timing analysis and automated code synthesis. The well-known synchronous approach is used as the main vehicle for defining an unambiguous semantics that ensures determinism and deadlock freedom. The proposed approach also ensures very efficient implementations either on small-scale embed...

Embedded Systems Image

Embedded Systems

Jun 30 2016  Presented in three parts, this book provides readers with an immersive introduction to this rapidly growing segment of the computer industry. Acknowledging the fact that embedded systems control many of today's most common devices such as smart phones, PC tablets, as well as hardware embedded in cars, TVs, and even refrigerators and heating systems, the book offers a basic introduction to embedded computing systems before moving on to advanced topics. This book is ideal for design engineers looking to optimize and reduce the size and cost of embedded system products....