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Cloud Design Patterns Image

Cloud Design Patterns

Jun 30 2016  Cloud applications have a unique set of characteristics. They run on commodity hardware, provide services to untrusted users, and deal with unpredictable workloads. These factors impose a range of problems that you, as a designer or developer, need to resolve. Your applications must be resilient so that they can recover from failures, secure to protect services from malicious attacks, and elastic in order to respond to an ever changing workload. This guide demonstrates design patterns that can help you to solve the problems you might encounter in many different areas of cloud application deve...

Irresistible Apps Image

Irresistible Apps

Jun 30 2016  When you create an app, a website, or a game, how do you attract users, and perhaps more importantly, how do you keep them? Irresistible Apps explains exactly how to do this using a library of 27 motivational design patterns and real-world examples of how they work.As a developer, you need to retain users in the new economy of advertisements, subscriptions, and in-app purchases, but how do you do this? How do some applications keep users coming back? Why do people spend hours and hours playing World of Warcraft? Why do people care about Reddit karma? What makes customers keep buying from Amazo...

Pig Design Patterns Image

Pig Design Patterns

Jun 30 2016  Simplify Hadoop programming to create complex end-to-end Enterprise Big Data solutions with Pig Overview Quickly understand how to use Pig to design end-to-end Big Data systems Implement a hands-on programming approach using design patterns to solve commonly occurring enterprise Big Data challenges Enhances users's capabilities to utilize Pig and create their own design patterns wherever applicable In Detail Pig Design Patterns is a comprehensive guide that will enable readers to readily use design patterns that simplify the creation of complex data pipelines in various stages of data manage...

Cassandra Design Patterns Image

Cassandra Design Patterns

Jun 30 2016  Understand and apply Cassandra design and usage patterns, and solve real-world business or technical problems Overview Learn how to identify real world use cases that Cassandra solves easily, in order to use it effectively Identify and apply usage and design patterns to solve specific business and technical problems including technologies that work in tandem with Cassandra A hands-on guide that will show you the strengths of the technology and help you apply Cassandra design patterns to data models In Detail Cassandra is a powerful data store solution in the open source NoSQL world. The abil...

VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices Image

VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices

Jun 30 2016  Explore some amazing techniques to build a reliable and high-performing View infrastructure Overview Identify the reasons why you are deploying Horizon View, a critical step to identifying your metrics for success Determine your Horizon View desktop resource requirements, and use that to size your infrastructure Recognize key design considerations that should influence your Horizon View infrastructure Learn how third party add-on solutions can complement and enhance your Horizon View deployment In Detail VMware Horizon View is easy to install and configure, but building an adequate infrastru...