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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints Image

FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints

Jun 30 2016  This book is for intermediary to seasoned web developers who want to learn how to use the FuelPHP framework and build complex projects using it. You should be familiar with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but no prior knowledge about MVC frameworks is required....

Arduino Android Blueprints Image

Arduino Android Blueprints

Jun 30 2016  Get the best out of Arduino by interfacing it with Android to create engaging interactive projects About This BookLearn how to interface with and control Arduino using Android devicesDiscover how you can utilize the combined power of Android and Arduino for your own projectsPractical, step-by-step examples to help you unleash the power of Arduino with AndroidWho This Book Is ForThis book is for those who want to learn how to build exciting Arduino projects by interfacing it with Android. You will need to have some basic experience in electronics and programming. However, you don't need to have...

Yii Project Blueprints Image

Yii Project Blueprints

Jun 30 2016  From conception to production, learn how to develop real-world applications with the Yii framework About This BookDevelop real-world web applications through easy-to-follow, step-by-step processesCreate eight projects from beginning to end to help you explore the full power of YiiBuild a fast, user-based, database-driven content management system with a dashboard and RESTful APIWho This Book Is ForThis book is for intermediate-to-advanced level Yii developers who want to master the Yii framework and develop real-world applications. You should have experience of working with Yii, PHP 5, HTML, C...

Drupal 6 Site Blueprints Image

Drupal 6 Site Blueprints

Jun 30 2016  The hands-on example projects in this book are based on fictitious web site development briefs, and they illustrate practical ways of applying Drupal. The book dives straight into the process of constructing the featured projects. A chapter is dedicated to each example web site project. Each chapter contains a fictitious brief from which we derive the list of core and contributed modules that we will require to implement the project. Then each chapter progresses into step-by-step instructions for building the web project, aided by the extensive use of screenshots. When you have completed each ...

Unity Game Development Blueprints Image

Unity Game Development Blueprints

Jun 30 2016  Explore the various enticing features of Unity and learn how to develop awesome games About This BookCreate a wide variety of projects with Unity in multiple genres and formatsComplete art assets with clear step-by-step examples and instructions to complete all tasks using Unity, C#, and MonoDevelopDevelop advanced internal and external environments for games in 2D and 3DWho This Book Is ForIf you want to build enticing projects with Unity, this book is for you. Readers who are familiar with the basics of how to create simple projects in Unity will have an easier time. In Detail Unity 3D is a ...