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Ethics for Digital Journalists Image

Ethics for Digital Journalists

Jun 30 2016  The rapid growth of online media has led to new complications in journalism ethics and practice. While traditional ethical principles may not fundamentally change when information is disseminated online, applying them across platforms has become more challenging as new kinds of interactions develop between journalists and audiences. In Ethics for Digital Journalists, Lawrie Zion and David Craig draw together the international expertise and experience of journalists and scholars who have all been part of the process of shaping best practices in digital journalism. Drawing on contemporary even...

Windows PowerShell Best Practices Image

Windows PowerShell Best Practices

Jun 30 2016  Expert recommendations, pragmatically applied. Automate system administration using Windows PowerShell best practices-and optimize your operational efficiency. With this practical guide, Windows PowerShell expert and instructor Ed Wilson delivers field-tested tips, real-world examples, and candid advice culled from administrators across a range of business and technical scenarios. If you're an IT professional with Windows PowerShell experience, this book is ideal. Discover how to: Use Windows PowerShell to automate Active Directory tasks Explore available WMI classes and methods with CIM cm...

DevOps Troubleshooting Image

DevOps Troubleshooting

Jun 30 2016  'If you're a developer trying to figure out why your application is not responding at 3 am, you need this book! This is now my go-to book when diagnosing production issues. It has saved me hours in troubleshooting complicated operations problems.' Trotter Cashion, cofounder, Mashion DevOps can help developers, QAs, and admins work together to solve Linux server problems far more rapidly, significantly improving IT performance, availability, and efficiency. To gain these benefits, however, team members need common troubleshooting skills and practices. In DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server ...

Hyper-V Best Practices Image

Hyper-V Best Practices

Jun 30 2016  Equip yourselves with the real-world configurations and best practices of Hyper-V to take full advantage of its virtualization capabilities About This BookLearn how to deploy standardized Hyper-V solutions quickly and effectivelyLeverage all virtualization potential of Hyper-V in production environmentsUse state of the art network and storage options with Hyper-VWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for those who already have some basic experience with Hyper-V and now want to gain additional capabilities and knowledge of Hyper-V.If you have used Hyper-V in a lab environment before and now ...

Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting Image

Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Jun 30 2016  Secure and efficient functioning of your DirectAccess environment Overview Learn how to make Manage Out work for your DirectAccess clients without compromising your network Learn how to understand enormous logfiles along with common troubleshooting criteria Explore some unique troubleshooting scenarios and learn the solutions Includes illustrations and screenshots with clear, step-by-step instructions and examples from the field In Detail DirectAccess is an amazing Microsoft technology that is truly the evolution of VPN; any Microsoft-centric shop needs this technology. DirectAccess is an a...