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Regular Expression Recipes for Windows Developers Image

Regular Expression Recipes for Windows Developers

Jun 30 2016  Only book dealing with regular expressions for Windows developers in a concise manner. Teaches beginners by example, without bogging them down in syntactical explanations; also an ideal reference for experienced developers/ programmers. Covers all of the major Windows development languages....

Spring Recipes Image

Spring Recipes

Jun 30 2016  Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, Third Edition builds upon the best-selling success of the previous editions and focuses on the latest Spring Framework features for building enterprise Java applications. This book provides code recipes for the following, found in the latest Spring:Spring fundamentals: Spring IoC container, Spring AOP/ AspectJ, and moreSpring enterprise: Spring Java EE integration, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Remoting, messaging, transactions, and working with big data and the cloud using Hadoop and MongoDBSpring web: Spring MVC, other dynamic scripting...

RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 11g Image

RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 11g

Jun 30 2016  In this book, Oracle experts Darl Kuhn, Sam Alapati, and Arup Nanda show you the power of Recovery Manager, or RMAN, which is Oracle's backup and recovery tool of choice. Oracle RMAN Recipes helps you take advantage of all that RMAN has to offer. This handy guide demystifies the steps required to protect your business data. It provides ready-made and example-based solutions to common (and some not-so-common) backup and recovery operations....

Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book Image

Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book

Jun 30 2016  Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book: A Problem-Solution Approach is for anyone who uses Excel frequently. This book follows a problem-solution format that covers the entire breadth of situations you might encounter when working with PivotTablesfrom planning and creating, to formatting and extracting data, to maximizing performance and troubleshooting. The author presents tips and techniques in this collection of recipes that cannot be found in Excel's Help section, and she carefully explains the most confusing features of PivotTables. All chapters have been organized into a collection of recipes th...

BizTalk 2013 Recipes Image

BizTalk 2013 Recipes

Jun 30 2016  BizTalk 2013 Recipes provides ready-made solutions to BizTalk Server 2013 developers. The recipes in the book save you the effort of developing your own solutions to common problems that have been solved many times over. The solutions demonstrate sound practice, the result of hard-earned wisdom by those who have gone before. Presented in a step-by-step format with clear code examples and explanations, the solutions in BizTalk 2013 Recipes help you take advantage of new features and deeper capabilities in BizTalk Server 2013. Youll learn to integrate your solutions with the cloud, confi...