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JMP 12 Specialized Models Image

JMP 12 Specialized Models

Jun 30 2016  JMP 12 Specialized Models provides details about modeling techniques such as partitioning, neural networks, nonlinear regression, and time series analysis. Topics include the Gaussian platform, which is useful in analyzing computer simulation experiments. The book also covers the Response Screening platform, which is useful in testing the effect of a predictor when you have many responses....

JMP 12 Scripting Guide Image

JMP 12 Scripting Guide

Jun 30 2016  Scripting Guide provides details for taking advantage of the powerful JMP Scripting Language (JSL). Learn how to write and debug scripts, manipulate data tables, construct display boxes, create JMP applications, and more....

SAS/ACCESS 9.1 Supplement for SYBASE Image

SAS/ACCESS 9.1 Supplement for SYBASE

Jun 30 2016  This supplement describes the SAS/ACCESS features and options that are available for SYBASE. When you use this supplement along with SAS/ACCESS Interface to Relational Databases: Reference, you will have a comprehensive guide to SAS/ACCESS software for your database management system (DBMS). This supplement explains how SAS/ACCESS software has been customized to accommodate the particular requirements and capabilities of your DBMS. This title is also available online. This title is designed for users of SAS/ACCESS software who need specific information about SYBASE. Supports releases 9.1 and h...

What's New in SAS 9.2 Image

What's New in SAS 9.2

Jun 30 2016  Gives you a quick, convenient overview of new functionality, enhanced features, and new products that you might use in SAS 9.2....

Web Development With SAS by Example Image

Web Development With SAS by Example

Jun 30 2016  This is the ultimate sourcebook for using SAS Web technologies. The book has been updated for SAS 9.1 and SAS AppDev Studio 3.1. SAS Web technologies provide an extremely powerful and flexible collection of tools for Web development. In this second edition, Dr. Pratter puts all of the pieces together to create a systematic overview, so that both novice and experienced Web programmers can find the information and examples they need to get started using these tools effectively. Updated and expanded to offer a substantial amount of new material, this book demonstrates that with SAS AppDev Studio,...