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Inside XSLT Image

Inside XSLT

Jun 30 2016  Inside XSLT is designed to be a companion guide toInside XML. This example oriented book covers XML, HTML, Music, XML with Java, style sheet creation and usage, nodes and attributes, sorting data, creating Xpath expressions, using Xpath and XSLT functions, namespaces, names templates, name variables, designing style sheets and using XSLT processor API's, the 56 XSL formatting objects, the XSLT DTD, and much more.In order to work with XML fully, you need to be up to speed with XSLT since XSLT is the technology that transforms XML to a workable format. Readers are looking for the follow-up book ...

Upgrading and Repairing Networks Image

Upgrading and Repairing Networks

Jun 30 2016  Even if you aren't a networking professional, Upgrading and Repairing Networks explains those tough networking concepts in a way that won't make you reach for a bottle of aspirin, starting with the fundamentals and working through more advanced concepts. Now in its fourth edition, this industry classic networking reference gives you real world, in-depth explanations of confusing networking architectures and protocols, and helps you track down and repair networking problems that are costing you and/or your company money - right now. Don't be the only networking professional caught in a network ...

Linux Programming Image

Linux Programming

Jun 30 2016  For Linux courses covering programming where students have had exposure to C programming. Linux Programming By Example covers the basics to allow students to start programming working applications in a Linux environment. It assumes students have some knowledge of C, but no experience in Linux. It covers many topics, including using GNU development tools, system programming, file handling, debugging, memory management, network programming, and application programming interfaces. It also teaches students how to use Linux to its fullest potential as an operating system....

Linux Socket Programming Image

Linux Socket Programming

Jun 30 2016  Linux Socket Programming by Example begins with a very basic introduction to the fundamentals of socket level programming. As the chapters progress, you are introduced to related concepts, such as forming network addresses, the TCP/IP protocol suite and options, writing servers, and creating secure applications. You will also learn about socket fundamentals, domains and addresses, address conversion functions, socket types and protocols, Internet sockets, types and protocols, binding an address to a socket, using Datagram oriented protocols, and much more....

General Linux 1 Image

General Linux 1

Jun 30 2016  The Linux Level I Exam Guide prepares you to pass the Linux Level I exam. The tutorial text is strictly exam-related and flows with minimal interruption, covering all necessary objectives for the exam. Study aids begin with the Chapter Opener to ready you for learning. To help you fully understand the topic, visual cues are used liberally throughout the book. Diagrams put concepts into a visual form that aids in retaining and comprehending, and figures confirm your understanding of procedures. This book also provides additional information, such as addresses for on-line help and supplemental s...