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Murach's C++ 2008 Image

Murach's C++ 2008

Jun 30 2016  Finally, a great training and reference book for Visual C++ by Dr. Prentiss Knowlton, an instructor of C++ since its inception. This book helps you master C++ 2008 quickly and easily by using all the time- and work-saving features of Visual Studio. That's true whether you're a: Java developer who wants to learn Visual C++C# or Visual Basic developer who wants to master another .NET languageC++ developer who wants to move into .NETnew programmer starting from scratchMurach's C++ 2008 will show you how to:create bulletproof applications like a professionaldevelop object-oriented applications usi...

Murach's ASP.NET 4.5 Web Programming with C# 2012 Image

Murach's ASP.NET 4.5 Web Programming with C# 2012

Jun 30 2016  If you know the basics of C#, you're ready to learn to develop server-side web applications with ASP.NET...and that's where this book comes in: Section 1 presents a quick-start course on ASP.NET Web Forms, Visual Studio tools, and the role of HTML5/CSS3...a course that works both for beginners and for experienced web developers who are new to ASP.NETSection 2 gives you the skills you need for every web how to use the server controls, validate user entries, manage state, use master pages and themes, provide site navigation, and use friendly URLsSection 3 presents the skills y...

Murach's SQL Server 2008 for Developers Image

Murach's SQL Server 2008 for Developers

Jun 30 2016  This book is designed to teach application developers all of the skills they need to use SQL to work with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. But it's also a great first book for developers who are on the path to becoming a DBA.Unlike most SQL Server 2008 books, this one starts by showing you how to use SQL queries to extract and update the data in a database, because that's what every application developer needs to know first. Then, it shows how to design and implement a database, how to use powerful backend database features like views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, tran...

Murach's Java SE 6 Image

Murach's Java SE 6

Jun 30 2016  This book teaches how to develop Java applications at the professional level. It starts by showing how to code, test, and debug everyday business applications that won t crash. It presents object-oriented features like classes, inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism in a way that s both understandable and useful in the real world...perspective that s often missing in Java training. It presents essential Java skills such as working with data types, control statements, arrays, collections, generics, enumerations, exceptions, threads, Swing components, applets, and text and binary files. It co...

Murach's Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Image

Murach's Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

Jun 30 2016  If you're developing applications that access Oracle databases, you can save time and work by having SQL do more of the data handling for you: This new book shows you how. It teaches you how to create effective SQL queries to extract and update the data in an Oracle database. It teaches you how to design and implement a database, giving you insight into performance and security issues. It teaches you how to use PL/SQL to take advantage of powerful features like stored procedures, functions, and triggers. In short, it teaches you to create the kind of efficient database applications that make y...