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The Rootkit Arsenal Image

The Rootkit Arsenal

Jun 30 2016  While forensic analysis has proven to be a valuable investigative tool in the field of computer security, utilizing anti-forensic technology makes it possible to maintain a covert operational foothold for extended periods, even in a high-security environment. Adopting an approach that favors full disclosure, the updated Second Edition of The Rootkit Arsenal presents the most accessible, timely, and complete coverage of forensic countermeasures. This book covers more topics, in greater depth, than any other currently available. In doing so the author forges through the murky back alleys of the ...

Sybase ASE 12.5 High Availability Image

Sybase ASE 12.5 High Availability

Jun 30 2016  This book teaches a very esoteric area of Sybase administration High Availability which involves using the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise software to use a shared disk architecture. High Availability is a very esoteric area of Sybase administration, yet a very critical topic for administrators working in a transaction-intensive environment, such as e-commerce, to understand. This book explains how to use Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise software to set up a shared-disk architecture that enhances the continuous availability of service with no downtime. Among the topics discussed are the var...

Administrator's Guide to SYBASE ASE 12.5 Image

Administrator's Guide to SYBASE ASE 12.5

Jun 30 2016  Systems administrators are responsible for overall performance at the server level, while database administrators handle access, consistency, and performance within the database. Administrator's Guide to Sybase ASE 12.5 provides all administrators with an authoritative guide to the latest version of this important SQL enterprise database. After reading this book, administrators should be able to perform any task that encompasses the creation or maintenance of a server. The appendixes include a Certified Sybase Professional DBA sample test, troubleshooting tips, and articles on tuning, fragment...

The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15 Image

The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15

Jun 30 2016  Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 is a high-performance, mission-critical database management system designed to meet the increasing demands of large databases and high-transaction volumes, while providing a cost-effective database management system. The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15 focuses on the many enhancements in Sybase ASE 15 including semantic partitions, computed columns, functional indexes, and scrollable cursors. With this book learn about the enhancements to ASE 15, how the new features can increase your efficiency and productivity, and how these features integrat...

Artificial Intelligence Illuminated Image

Artificial Intelligence Illuminated

Jun 30 2016  Artificial Intelligence Illuminated presents an overview of the background and history of artificial intelligence, emphasizing its importance in todays society and potential for the future. The book covers a range of AI techniques, algorithms, and methodologies, including game playing, intelligent agents, machine learning, genetic algorithms, and Artificial Life. Material is presented in a lively and accessible manner and the author focuses on explaining how AI techniques relate to and are derived from natural systems, such as the human brain and evolution, and explaining how the artificial eq...