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Analysis of Algorithms Image

Analysis of Algorithms

Jun 30 2016  McConnell (Canisius College) developed this course to make students aware of the impact of algorithms on a program's efficiency and instruct them in the skills to analyze algorithms used in programs. Students learn the basics of analysis; searching, selecting, and sorting algorithms; and the element...

Robotics Image


Jun 30 2016  This up-to-date text and reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a strong emphasis on engineering applications and industrial solutions based on robotic technology. It can be used by practicing engineers and scientists -- or as a text in standard university courses in robotics. The book has extensive coverage of the major robotic classifications, including Wheeled Mobile Robots, Legged Robots, and the Robotic Manipulator. A central theme is the importance of kinematics to robotic principles. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM with MATLAB simulations....

Artificial Intelligence Image

Artificial Intelligence

Jun 30 2016  This book offers students and AI programmers a new perspective on the study of artificial intelligence concepts. The essential topics and theory of AI are presented, but it also includes practical information on data input reduction as well as data output (i.e., algorithm usage). Because traditional AI concepts such as pattern recognition, numerical optimization and data mining are now simply types of algorithms, a different approach is needed. This sensor / algorithm / effecter approach grounds the algorithms with an environment, helps students and AI practitioners to better understand them,...

Fundamentals Of Computer Science Using Java Image

Fundamentals Of Computer Science Using Java

Jun 30 2016  Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java uses an object-based approach to the introduction of Computer Science using Java as the programming language. The book is example-based with approximately 50 completely worked examples. The use of a Turtle Graphics library allows early examples and exercises to be interesting while still simple. The use of a basic I/O library allows I/O without having to deal with exceptions and formatting, as would be the case in the standard library....

Object-Oriented Data Structures In Java Image

Object-Oriented Data Structures In Java

Jun 30 2016  This book teaches the classic data structures with an informal, yet rigorous, approach; it includes the appropriate object-oriented concepts and makes use of the appropriate Java constructs....