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Instructional Design Image

Instructional Design

Jun 30 2016  Instructional designers hold the responsibility of selecting, sequencing, synthesizing, and summarizing unfamiliar content to subject matter experts. To successfully achieve legitimate participation in communities of practice, instructional designers need to utilize a number of communication strategies to optimize the interaction with the subject matter expert. Instructional Design: Case Studies in Communities of Practice documents real-world experiences of instructional designers and staff developers who work in communities of practice. Instructional Design: Case Studies in Communities of Pra...

Agile Technologies in Open Source Development Image

Agile Technologies in Open Source Development

Jun 30 2016  The analysis of commonalities and differences between agile technology and open source software development is needed to understand how advancement approaches have evolved and whether they produce concrete benefits in terms of software quality and customer satisfaction. Agile Technologies in Open Source Development explores the overlap between open source and agile technologies, providing valuable strategies for advancement in software. This innovative publication presents a significant resource to assist project managers, engineers, and developers interested in experimenting with new approach...

Semantic Web for Business Image

Semantic Web for Business

Jun 30 2016  The Semantic Web has been around for some years with recent advances in mature technologies and applications. Lately, its development has been demonstrated in its contribution to businesses through the enhancement of e-commerce. Semantic Web for Business: Cases and Applications delivers real-life cases that illustrate the benefits of Semantic Web technologies as applied to e-business and e-commerce scenarios. Covering topics such as business integration, organizational knowledge management, and Semantic Web services, this book provides academic research libraries with a comprehensive referenc...

Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises Image

Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises

Jun 30 2016  Software engineering is of major importance to all enterprises; however, the key areas of software quality and software process improvement standards and models are currently geared toward large organizations, where most software organizations are small and medium enterprises. Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises: Techniques and Case Studies offers practical and useful guidelines, models, and techniques for improving software processes and products for small and medium enterprises, utilizing the authoritative, demonstrative tools of case studies and lessons learned to ...

Software Engineering Image

Software Engineering

Jun 30 2016  Over the past decade, software engineering has developed into a highly respected field. Though computing and software engineering education continues to emerge as a prominent interest area of study, few books specifically focus on software engineering education itself. Software Engineering: Effective Teaching and Learning Approaches and Practices presents the latest developments in software engineering education, drawing contributions from over 20 software engineering educators from around the globe. Encompassing areas such as student assessment and learning, innovative teaching methods, and e...