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Unix System Administration With Solaris 11.3 Image

Unix System Administration With Solaris 11.3

Aug 04 2016  This course is intended to be a basic introduction to UNIX system administration. It is not intended to be en encyclopedic reference; it is designed to introduce the UNIX system to you, and equip you with basic skills to manage and run your own systems. You will learn to use Solaris 11.3, the latest version of the UNIX operating system. The goal is to get you used to working in a UNIX-like way rather than teaching you every possible command or technique....

Quality Assurance Image

Quality Assurance

Aug 02 2016  Is Quality Assurance what you want to learn? Always wondered how one becomes a better software developer? Does it interest you how to achieve this so quickly? Purchase Quality Assurance to discover everything you need to know about testing and software quality! Step by step to increase your software skill set. Learn how to dominate computer systems. All your basic knowledge in one purchase! You need to get it now to know whats inside as it cant be shared here! Purchase Quality Assurance TODAY!...

The Everything Machine Image

The Everything Machine

Jul 31 2016  The Everything Machine discusses where the robotics industry is and where it is going. With a brief introduction of how robots work this book is a great way to get a feel for where robotics is headed...

A Practical Guide to Teen Business and Cybersecurity Image

A Practical Guide to Teen Business and Cybersecurity

Jul 29 2016  This book series isnt necessarily about financial endeavors, the love of money and power or pushing teens into any particular business-centric direction. Your children study history and mathematics without the motivating factor of being a professional historian or mathematician. This book of business and cybersecurity should be studied in the same manner. Education is about opening the students mind to a universe of new possibilities and tearing down barriers. This book series stands as a testament that any and all information should be readily available to anyone regardless of age or geograph...

How to Create an RPM Image

How to Create an RPM

Jul 29 2016  Every day, all around the world, somebody says, it would be great to make an RPM to install this software, but then find that they don't have anybody who has made one before, and don't really know how to work out how to make one, or how much effort would be involved in going about that task. This is a fairly short and easy-to-follow guide aimed at helping people to create RPMs quickly and easily in real-world situations. All of the files needed to work through the book can be downloaded for free, and you can also download a ready-built Virtualbox virtual machine, configured with the necessary ...