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Handbook of Neural Computing Applications Image

Handbook of Neural Computing Applications

Jun 30 2016  This book draws on the experience of each of the contributors, and covers such topics as neural networks design and development, cognitive science, neurophysiology, pattern recognition, control theory, multiprocessor design, and software and systems development. The applications which they address include robotics, avionics, machine vision, multisource data fusion, adaptive interfaces, and others....

High Performance Computing Demystified Image

High Performance Computing Demystified

Jun 30 2016  A discussion of high-performance computing, targeted to an audience of computer professionals and engineers who have a basic understanding of computers and would like to learn at the high-performance level....

Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs Image

Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs

Jun 30 2016  The second edition of this highly successful text focuses on the major changes that have taken place in this field in recent times. Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs, Second Edition, recognises that data acquisition is the core of most engineering and many life science systems in measurement and instrumentation. It will prove invaluable to scientists, engineers, students and technicians wishing to keep up with the latest technological developments. * Teaches the reader how to set up a PC-based system that measures, analyzes, and controls experiments and processes through detailed design ex...

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2013 Image

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2013

Jun 30 2016  Up and Running with Autocad 2013 started out as a set of classroom notes that outlined, in an easy to understand manner, exactly how AutoCAD is used and applied, in contrast to theoretical musings or clinical descriptions of the commands as found in other books. This book attempts to use experience and top-level knowledge to sort out what is important and what is secondary, and to explain the essentials in plain language. This volume comprises 20 chapters, beginning with the AutoCAD fundamentals. The following chapters then focus on layers, colors, linetypes, and properties; text, Mtext, editi...

Mathematics for Multimedia Image

Mathematics for Multimedia

Jun 30 2016  Mathematics and Multimedia focuses on the mathematics behind multimedia applications. This timely and thoroughly modern text is a rigorous survey of selected results from algebra and analysis, requiring only undergraduate math skills.The topics are `gems' chosen for their usefulness in understanding and creating application software for multimedia signal processing and communication.The book is aimed at a wide audience, including computer science and mathematics majors and those interested in employing mathematics in multimedia design and implementation. For the instructor, the material is div...