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The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15

The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15 Image

Book details:

Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning
Category: Jones and Bartlett
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:24.29 MB

Book Description:

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 is a high-performance, mission-critical database management system designed to meet the increasing demands of large databases and high-transaction volumes, while providing a cost-effective database management system. The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15 focuses on the many enhancements in Sybase ASE 15 including semantic partitions, computed columns, functional indexes, and scrollable cursors. With this book learn about the enhancements to ASE 15, how the new features can increase your efficiency and productivity, and how these features integrate with existing systems; understand how semantic partitions decrease the complexities of data management; find out how scrollable cursors and computed columns can ease the development process; learn how the optimizer toolset and QP Metrics improve monitoring and diagnostic efforts; provide the ability to ensure customer compliance through the use of Sybase Software Asset Management; test your knowledge with the included Sybase certification practice exam.

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