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Integrating SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x

With SAP NetWeaver

Integrating SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAP PRESS
Category: SAP Press
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:18.71 MB

Book Description:

Get the crucial knowledge you need to make essential business intelligence products work on top of SAP NetWeaver. Continuing in the tradition of the first bestselling edition, this updated edition carefully guides you, click-by-click, through the process of connecting SAP BusinessObjects tools to SAP data. Whether its Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Crystal Reports, or any other BusinessObjects tool: The expert advice and clear instruction that this book provides is just what you need to become an authority on integrating your SAP BusinessObjects BI platform with SAP NetWeaver. 1. Step-by-Step Instructions Follow along as the author walks you through each click and screen needed to integrate SAP BusinessObjects with SAP NetWeaver. 2. Installation and Configuration Learn how to install and configure the necessary server and client components to start working with SAP BusinessObjects tools. 3. Semantic Layer Review the different options for connecting corporate data in a brand new chapter about the semantic layer. 4. SAP NetWeaver Portal Discover how you can make SAP NetWeaver Portal work with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. 5. Updated and Expanded Explore over 200 new pages, and find updated information on how the 4.x release of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform changes the landscape of the integration with SAP NetWeaver. Highlights: Installation and configuration Semantic layer SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP SAP NetWeaver Portal Security and troubleshooting

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