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SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance


SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAP PRESS
Category: SAP Press
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:20.97 MB

Book Description:

This book will help you learn and understand the processes and components associated with SAP BusinessObjects Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution. Beyond the comprehensive overview of the Access Control, Process Control, and Risk Management subcomponents, the book provides a hands-on look at using the SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions in the real world, and gives insight into the multiple configuration and implementation options available to youno matter what size your enterprise.Beginning with an overview of the complete GRC solution profile, you will quickly learn the design, configuration, and implementation processes necessary for the Access Control, Process Control, and Risk Management subcomponents. Special coverage of business process and IT compliance is supplemented with a thorough overview of using these subcomponents for company-wide role definition and a segregation-of-duties strategy, including hands-on information for configuration and customization for your enterprise. You will also benefit from full-chapter overviews on the SAP BusinessObjects solutions for Global Trade Services and Environment, Health & Safety. For those interested in what lies ahead for the SAP BusinessObjects GRC solution set, a Product Roadmap, including recommendations for various types of businesses, is included at the end of the book.Whether you are actively configuring an SAP BusinessObjects GRC solution or planning for an upgrade or implementation, this practical book will save you time, money and effort whatever the status of your project.

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