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Developing Applications With Enterprise SOA

Developing Applications With Enterprise SOA Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAP PRESS
Category: SAP Press
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:29.33 MB

Book Description:

In this innovative book, you'll find unique insights and techniques for developing applications using SAP's Enterprise SOA tools. And, you'll learn what application development and configuring service-based applications will be like in future system landscapes. The book begins with an overview of the basics, including Middleware SOA system requirements, the modeling tools available, and how to model Enterprise Services. Then, you'll move on to four in-depth chapters that detail the practical uses of the tools, such as how to develop Enterprise Services, which interaction models are supported, and how to deploy them. You'll finish by taking a step-by-step tour of the development of a consumer application involving Enterprise Services and the configuration of a large scenario. So, whether you're a developer, development lead, administrator, or IT manager, this is the one resource you need to get started with Enterprise SOA application development. Highlights: Building an Enterprise SOA Model-driven business process development Components of SOA Middleware Interaction models Developing Enterprise Services Developing a consumer application Configuring a scenario Standards for service-oriented Architectures

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