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Managing Organizational Change during SAP Implementations

Managing Organizational Change during SAP Implementations Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAP PRESS
Categories: SAP Press , Implementation
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:24.42 MB

Book Description:

Get pragmatic insights on all dimensions of organizational change during SAP implementations. Readers learn tried and tested, effective and efficient project management methods from experts in the field. Taking a corporate organization based approach you'll uncover best practices for tackling problems inherent in SAP-related change, and for avoiding them altogether. The authors' own experiences with SAP-specific organizational change management issues are woven throughout the pages of the comprehensive reference. Sample plans and timelines add even more value. Once you've honed your understanding of SAP organizational change management you can then leverage the in-depth strategies and expert techniques provided. Whether you are an executive decision maker, a project sponsor or a team member, this book helps you tackle change management head-on and avoid costly errors, while helping you make effective project management decisions. Highlights: Project Approach Basics of Organizational Management Integration of Change Management and Project Management Designing Change Future State Assessment Gap Analysis Implementation and Deployment

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