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Beginning J2EE 1.4

From Novice to Professional

Beginning J2EE 1.4 Image

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Categories: Apress , From Novice To Professional
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:6.78 MB

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*This book is more than simply a reprint of material already freely available on the Web (Im looking at you, The J2EE Tutorial). * Concentrates on the parts of J2EE that readers find most interesting, accessible, and relevant for the start of their professional career JSP and Servlets, rather than in depth coverage of EJB - helps reader accomplish something and may spark interest for further exploration of J2EE. * This title will concentrate on web development (using JSP and Servlets) but still be aimed at programmers who want to become J2EE developers so it will be a title for the Java category, not JavaServer Pages.

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