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Web Development With SAS by Example

Web Development With SAS by Example Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAS Publishing
Categories: SAS Publishing , By Example
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.54 MB

Book Description:

This is the ultimate sourcebook for using SAS Web technologies. The book has been updated for SAS 9.1 and SAS AppDev Studio 3.1. SAS Web technologies provide an extremely powerful and flexible collection of tools for Web development. In this second edition, Dr. Pratter puts all of the pieces together to create a systematic overview, so that both novice and experienced Web programmers can find the information and examples they need to get started using these tools effectively. Updated and expanded to offer a substantial amount of new material, this book demonstrates that with SAS AppDev Studio, users can leverage their substantive experience without having to learn a whole new specialized set of tools. In addition, users have the full power of SAS for data exploration, analysis, and reporting. Featuring examples that are created using resources generally available to SAS users, chapters proceed logically and address topics that include getting started with Web programming, using the Output Delivery System to create static HTML content, programming with SAS/IntrNet using the Application Dispatcher and htmSQL, programming with Java and SAS AppDev Studio, and using SAS Integration Technologies and the SAS Open Metadata Architecture. This easy-to-follow text offers a solid foundation for project managers, students, and others who want to learn about Web development. It is also a valuable working resource for experienced SAS users who want to get started delivering content on the Web and for Web developers who are interested in accessing SAS data.

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