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SAS/ACCESS 9.1 Supplement for SYBASE

SAS/ACCESS For Relational Databases

SAS/ACCESS 9.1 Supplement for SYBASE Image

Book details:

Publisher:SAS Institute
Category: SAS Publishing
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:0.72 MB

Book Description:

This supplement describes the SAS/ACCESS features and options that are available for SYBASE. When you use this supplement along with SAS/ACCESS Interface to Relational Databases: Reference, you will have a comprehensive guide to SAS/ACCESS software for your database management system (DBMS). This supplement explains how SAS/ACCESS software has been customized to accommodate the particular requirements and capabilities of your DBMS. This title is also available online. This title is designed for users of SAS/ACCESS software who need specific information about SYBASE. Supports releases 9.1 and higher of SAS software.

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