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Learn Java 8 in a Week

A Beginner's Guide to Java Programming

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Book details:

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Categories: CreateSpace , Beginner's Guide
Posted:Jul 26 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:2.42 MB

Book Description:

Level: Absolute beginner in Java. This book is for programmers who would love to learn Java quickly and firmly with hands on approach. After completing this book you will have core understanding of the Java programming language and Java platform. The book offers comprehensive coverage of Java fundamentals explained in a simplified language supported by examples.The book is divided into 29 chapters where each major topic has it's own chapter and each chapter has multiple examples to support and provide clarity on the concept. The topics covered in this book are 1. What is Java? 2. JDK and JRE 3. Setting Path Variable 4. Complier and Interpreter 5. The First Program 6. The HelloWorld Program 7. Anatomy of HelloWorld Program 8. Multiple Main Methods 9. Public Class and File Name 10. Runtime Execution 11. Alternate HelloWorld Program 12. Numeric Data Types 13. Non Numeric Data Types 14. Literal and Constant 15. Escape Sequence 16. Immutable String 17. StringBuilder Class 18. Wrapper Classes 19. IF... Else 20. Switch... Case 21. For... Loop 22. While... Loop 23. Break and Continue 24. Conversion and Casting 25. Arithmetic and Relational Operators 26. Logical and Ternary Operators 27. Arrays 28. Jagged Array 29. For Each Loop Basically the book has lot of code(examples) for clear and deeper understanding of Java programming language.

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