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Learning SQL Queries for R Users

Request the Database to Furnish Only the Specific Data You Require

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Book details:

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Categories: CreateSpace , Learning
Posted:Jul 23 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:5.28 MB

Book Description:

The book title implies that SQL Queries for R Users is for R users who need to get the data they need from a database. Loading large raw data from a database into R workspace is often unnecessary or even prohibitive. The book teaches you how to write SQL queries to retrieve precisely only the data needed from an SQL database. But, this book covers topics on metadata, which is equally important if not more than the SQL queries. To write an SQL query you must first know where the data is, the name of the tables and columns, their relationships, and the characteristics of the data. The book shows you how to identify this information. In Oracle SQL Developer ...... Explore Metadata Visualize Data Model Inquire Data Dictionary Build and Test Query Incrementally Wrap and Secure Query as Database View Deploy Generic SELECT query in R program

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