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Develop on Yammer

Social Integration for Modern Business Applications

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Categories: Apress , Modern
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:12.76 MB

Book Description:

Develop on Yammer is your guide to integrating the Yammer social network with your company's application ecosystem. By developing custom apps and features on the Yammer platform, you can make your workplace more productive, encourage communication and feedback, and get your colleagues collaborating across a range of platforms, including SharePoint, ASP.NET, and Windows Phone.The book begins with an introduction to the development options available along with guidance on how to set up a Yammer developer account. You'll then take your first step in Yammer integration by building a Yammer feed into a web page or other JavaScript-based client application, before diving into app creation and management on the Yammer platform. The authors provide a deep dive into the Yammer authorization process from client-side and server-side perspectives, and you'll find out how to work closely with Yammer's data streams and its full range of development possibilities using Open Graph and Yammer's REST API. The final chapters cover how to build Yammer integration into standalone applications for SharePoint and Windows Phone 8 with Yammer SDKs.All chapters are illustrated with examples and sample code, and a case study follows the development of a workplace training application as the authors apply each technique, so you can see how to make the most of what Yammer has to offer.

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