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Ready Technology

Fast-Tracking New Business Technologies

Ready Technology Image

Book details:

Publisher:Auerbach Publications
Categories: CRC Press , Technology
Posted:Aug 17 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:6.13 MB

Book Description:

Companies understand that their ability to compete is tied directly to their ability to leverage the very latest technology advances. Fortunately, deploying new technology has never been easier, primarily due to early maturity and cloud delivery. One approach that is helping companies rapidly pilot and affordably deploy new technologies is ready technology, a new category of information technology (IT). This book explains the ready technology adoption process in detail, enabling companies to exploit new technology immediately and effectively. In this book, the author challenges the traditional "requirements-first/technology-second" approach to technology deployment. Espousing a "technology-first/requirements-second" approach, the author explains how business solutions are "discovered" by deployingnot studyingready technology. The book covers the latest trends and processes in ready technology. It also describes the characteristics of ready companies and recommends ready technology pilots that should be launched by the following industries: higher education, retail, and healthcare.

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