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Java 7 2nd Edition

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Publisher:O'Reilly Media
Categories: OReilly , Pocket Guide
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:5.89 MB

Book Description:

When you need quick answers for developing or debugging Java programs, this pocket guide provides a handy reference to the standard features of the Java programming language and its platform. You'll find helpful programming examples, tables, figures, and lists, as well as supplemental information about topics including the Java Scripting API, third-party tools, and the basics of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).Updated for new features through Java SE 7, this little book is an ideal companion, whether you're in the office, in the lab, or on the road.Quickly find Java language details, such as naming conventions, fundamental types, and object-oriented programming elementsGet details on the Java SE 7 platform, including development basics, memory management, concurrency, and genericsBrowse through basic information on NIO 2.0, the G1 Garbage Collector, and Project Coin (JSR-334) featuresGet supplemental references to development, CM, and test tools; libraries; IDEs; and Java-related scripting languagesFind information to help you prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7 Programmer I exam

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