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Ensemble Machine Learning

Methods and Applications

Ensemble Machine Learning Image

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Categories: Springer , Learning
Posted:Aug 12 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:7.06 MB

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It is common wisdom that gathering a variety of views and inputs improves the process of decision making, and, indeed, underpins a democratic society. Dubbed ensemble learning by researchers in computational intelligence and machine learning, it is known to improve a decision systems robustness and accuracy. Now, fresh developments are allowing researchers to unleash the power of ensemble learning in an increasing range of real-world applications. Ensemble learning algorithms such as boosting and random forest facilitate solutions to key computational issues such as face recognition and are now being applied in areas as diverse as object tracking and bioinformatics.Responding to a shortage of literature dedicated to the topic, this volume offers comprehensive coverage of state-of-the-art ensemble learning techniques, including the random forest skeleton tracking algorithm in the Xbox Kinect sensor, which bypasses the need for game controllers. At once a solid theoretical study and a practical guide, the volume is a windfall for researchers and practitioners alike.

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