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The Hacker's Handbook

The Strategy Behind Breaking Into and Defending Networks

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Book details:

Publisher:Auerbach Publications
Categories: CRC Press , Handbook
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:18.07 MB

Book Description:

The Hackers Handbook: The Strategy Behind Breaking Into and Defending Networks, moves ahead of the pack of books about digital security by revealing the technical aspects of hacking that are least understood by network administrators. This is accomplished by analyzing subjects through a hacking/security dichotomy that details hacking maneuvers and defenses in the same context. Chapters are organized around specific technical components and administrative tasks, providing theoretical background that prepares network defenders for the always-changing and creative tools and techniques of intruders. This book is divided into three parts. Part I introduces programming, protocol, and attack concepts. Part II addresses subject areas (protocols, services, technologies, etc.) that may be vulnerable. Part III details consolidation activities that hackers may use following penetration. Each section provides a path to hacking/security Web sites and other resources that augment existing content. Referencing these supplemental and constantly-updated resources ensures that this volume remains timely and enduring. By informing IT professionals how to think like hackers, this book serves as a valuable weapon in the fight to protect digital assets.

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