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Microsoft Expression Web 4 2nd Edition

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Microsoft Expression Web 4 2nd Edition Image

Book details:

Publisher:Que Publishing
Categories: Que , In Depth
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:54.93 MB

Book Description:

Do more with Microsoft Expression Web 4 SP2-in less time! This is the world's most expert, complete, and practical guide to succeeding with Expression Web 4 SP2! Microsoft insider Jim Cheshire presents today's best solutions for everything you need to do with Expression Web 4 SP2 and its brand-new HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery tools!. Create, edit, and manage content implement leading-edge designs integrate dynamic content add powerful features with no custom coding leverage SP2's latest time-saving featuresdo the job right, and do it fast! 'In the trenches' solutions, big-picture insights, real examples, time-saving shortcuts Boost productivity with custom workspaces, Snapshot Snippet panels, Universal Commenting, and other SP2 improvements Optimize every phase of development, from site creation through reporting Use Expression Web 4 features together to solve real web design problems and achieve real business goals Build HTML5/CSS3 standards-compliant sites that work properly in any modern browser Learn high-efficiency techniques for using tables, forms, and QuickTags Add more dynamic, interactive content with Behaviors and Layers Differentiate your site with dynamic components and client-side JavaScript Use ASP.NET's simple tools to display, edit, and manage data without custom code Develop accessible, Section 508- or WCAG-compliant sites Efficiently test sites and apps with SP2's enhanced SuperPreview and remote browsing Easily password-protect content with ASP.NET Login controls and membership features Leverage Expression Web's updated PHP 5.3 support, including module IntelliSense and 'Open as PHP' Efficiently troubleshoot any site development problem Register your book at to get the entire book in searchable PDF format, including all examples and sample files, plus a bonus four-chapter mini book on creating add-ins with JavaScript and HTML!

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