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Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification 2nd Edition

Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification 2nd Edition Image

Book details:

Publisher:Cengage Learning
Categories: Course Technology , Certification
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:7.44 MB

Book Description:

Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification, Second Edition offers the most up-to-date information which empowers students to successfully pass CompTIA's Linux+ Certification exam. CompTIA has revised their Linux+ Certification to meet industry demands by reducing its focus on hardware terminology and increasing its focus on the configuration of network services and security. In addition, the entire text has been updated for use with Red Hat Fedora Core 2, the newest version of the popular Linux Operating System. Not only will this prepare users for CompTIA's Linux+ Certification, this text will equip all users with the information necessary to remain current with industry changes.

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