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ACT 2006 For Dummies

ACT 2006 For Dummies Image

Book details:

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Categories: Wiley , For Dummies
Posted:Aug 12 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.21 MB

Book Description:

Contact management software (CRM) like ACT! are extremely valuable tools that can save you time and money. ACT! is easy to set up and takes little time to create a database, however, it is also a little bit more complex to understand than ordinary software. ACT! 2006 For Dummies is the friendly new guide to the latest version of ACT! This straightforward, plain, English book shows you the fun and easy way to consolidate, view, and edit all contacts from your company and your life. Providing you with a general overview of ACT! and the basics, you will have the tools you need to: Add, duplicate, and delete contacts, Remodel and customize lists and tabs, Perform contact searches, Work with ACT! notes and histories, Schedule your activities, Share, design, and merge your reports, Create contact fields, Customize your layout, Maintain and back up databases, Administer your database, Integrate ACT! with Microsoft, Take advantage of exciting opportunities, Work with ACT! Premium on the Web. Packed with both ACT! 2006 and ACT! Premium features for the Web as well as tips for making ACT! work better for you, this is the ultimate reference to cleaning up your ACT and reaching your life and business full potential!

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