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Managing Electronic Media

Making, Marketing and Moving Digital Content

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Book details:

Publisher:Focal Press
Category: Focal Press
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:21.6 MB

Book Description:

Managing Electronic Media recognizes the changes in technology in the global marketplace and the impact these innovations have on media organizations and their integral business practices. It goes beyond the typical media management book by covering media enterprises as large scale businesses that must operate in a converged environment, rather than in separate silos of activity. Managing Electronic Media lays the groundwork for understanding and participating in digital content creation, marketing, and distribution. It provides the concepts and vocabulary that managers use to meet the challenges of today's market and to position their organizations to succeed in a relentlessly dynamic 24/7 business environment. Day in the Life sections highlight the daily activities of top media executives, providing insight into the excitement, the fun, and the challenges, of careers in today's media industries. Case studies utilize exercises to promote further understanding of real-world situations.

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