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Juniper Networks Reference Guide

JUNOS Routing, Configuration, and Architecture

Juniper Networks Reference Guide Image

Book details:

Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional
Category: Addison Wesley
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:CHM
Book size:5.71 MB

Book Description:

Juniper Networks is the second largest provider of high-end networking routers, owning 27% of the $466 million market to Cisco's 67%, according to Dell'Oro Group, a firm that tracks networking equipment sales. This implementation guide to Juniper Network routers, teaches readers how to configure, deploy, and maintain Juniper routing solutions. It provides concise explanations of internetworking theory and contains detailed examples that will enable a network engineer to configure products. The case studies are taken from real world router configurations and there are numerous templates that can be easily applied to the reader's own network.

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