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TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 3

TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP and the UNIX Domain Protocols

TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 3 Image

Book details:

Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional
Categories: Addison Wesley , Illustrated
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:DJVU
Book size:3.28 MB

Book Description:

Praised by reviewers and practicing TCP/IP programmers alike, the TCP/IP Illustrated series examines the many facets of the TCP/IP protocol suite using a unique and highly-effective visual approach that describes the inner workings of TCP/IP with detail, insight, and clarity. Volume 3 provides detailed coverage of four essential topics with which today's TCP/IP programmers and network administrators must be thoroughly familiar: *T/TCP (TCP for Transactions), an extension to TCP that makes client-server transactions faster, more efficient, and more reliable; *HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), the foundation for the rapidly expanding World Wide Web; *NNTP (the Network News Transfer Protocol), the basis for the Usenet news system; and *UNIX Domain Protocols, a set of protocols used heavily in UNIX implementations. As in the previous two volumes, the book is filled with examples and implementation details within the 4.4BSD-Lite networking code. The TCP/IP Illustrated series provides a complete picture of the protocol suite that drives the Internet, and gives programmers, system administrators, and serious users the information, understanding, and skills they need to remain at the forefront of networking technology. 0201634953B04062001

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