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Core HTML5 Canvas

Graphics, Animation, and Game Development

Core HTML5 Canvas Image

Book details:

Publisher:Prentice Hall
Category: Prentice Hall
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:21.92 MB

Book Description:

Download the book's code and a free chapter at corehtml5canvas.comRead how David wrote Core HTML5 out David's article series on HTML5 2D Game Development at IBM's book is a painstakingly crafted, expertly written, code-fueled, no-nonsense deep dive into HTML5 Canvas printed in full color with syntax-highlighted code listings throughout.Core HTML5 Canvas is written for experienced software developers with an intermediate-level understanding of JavaScript.The result of two years full-time work by a long-time best-selling author, this book shows you how to implement anything you can imagine with the Canvas 2D API, from text editors to video games. Geary meticulously covers every detail of the API with crystal-clear writing so that you not only understand advanced concepts, but most importantly, you can modify the book's examples for your own specific use cases.Here are some of the things you will learn about in this book:The canvas element--using it with other HTML elements, handling events, printing a canvas, and using offscreen canvases Shapes--drawing, dragging, erasing, and editing lines, arcs, circles, curves, and polygons; using shadows, gradients, and patterns Text--drawing, positioning, setting font properties; building text controls Images--drawing, scaling, clipping, processing, and animating Animations--creating smooth, efficient, and portable animations Sprites--implementing animated objects that have painters and behaviors Physics--modeling physical systems (falling bodies, pendulums, and projectiles), and implementing tweening for nonlinear motion and animation Collision detection--advanced techniques, clearly explained Game development--all aspects of game development, such as time-based motion and high score support, implemented in a game engine Custom controls--infrastructure for implementing custom controls; implementing progress bars, sliders, and an image panner Mobile applications--fitting Canvas apps on a mobile screen, using media queries, handling touch events, and specifying iOS5 artifacts, such as app icons Throughout the book, Geary discusses high-quality, reusable code to help professional developers learn everything they really need to know, with absolutely no fluff. All the book's code and live demonstrations of key examples are available at

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