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DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX and Windows 6th Edition

DBA Guide, Reference and Exam Prep

DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX and Windows 6th Edition Image

Book details:

Publisher:IBM Press
Categories: IBM Press , Certification
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:16.64 MB

Book Description:

DB2 9 builds on the world's number one enterprise database to simplify the delivery of information as a service, accelerate development, and dramatically improve operational efficiency, security, and resiliency. Now, this new edition offers complete, start-to-finish coverage of DB2 9 administration and development for Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms, as well as authoritative preparation for the latest IBM DB2 certification exam. Written for both DBAs and developers, this definitive reference and self-study guide covers all aspects of deploying and managing DB2 9, including DB2 database design and development; day-to-day administration and backup; deployment of networked, Internet-centered, and SOA-based applications; migration; and much more. You'll also find an unparalleled collection of expert tips for optimizing performance, availability, and value. Coverage includes: Important security and resiliency enhancements, including advanced access control; fine-grained, label-based security; and the new security administrator role Breakthrough pureXML features that make it easier to succeed with service-oriented architecture Operational improvements that enhance DBA efficiency--including self-tuning memory allocation, automated storage management, and storage optimization Table-partitioning features that improve scalability and manageability Powerful improvements for more agile and rapid development, including the new Eclipse-based Developer Workbench and simple SQL or XQuery access to all data Whatever your role in working with DB2 or preparing for certification, DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, Sixth Edition is the one book you can't afford to be without. Download Complete DB2 V9 Trial Version Visit to download a complete trial version of DB2, which enables you to try out dozens of the most powerful features of DB2 for yourself: everything from pureXML support to automated administration and optimization. Straight from IBM, the ultimate guide to running DB2 9 and preparing for the latest IBM DB2 certification exam! Covers powerful DB2 9 enhancements ranging from automated management to improved compression Covers the full spectrum of DBA responsibilities, including server management, data placement, XML concepts, activity analysis, high availability, and security Presents expert tips and best practices from the DB2 customer support organization

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