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Relating System Quality and Software Architecture

Relating System Quality and Software Architecture Image

Book details:

Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann Publishers In
Category: Morgan Kaufmann
Posted:Aug 17 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:17.95 MB

Book Description:

System Quality and Software Architecture collects state-of-the-art knowledge on how to intertwine software quality requirements with software architecture and how quality attributes are exhibited by the architecture of the system. Contributions from leading researchers and industry evangelists detail the techniques required to achieve quality management in software architecting, and the best way to apply these techniques effectively in various application domains (especially in cloud, mobile and ultra-large-scale/internet-scale architecture) Taken together, these approaches show how to assess the value of total quality management in a software development process, with an emphasis on architecture. The book explains how to improve system quality with focus on attributes such as usability, maintainability, flexibility, reliability, reusability, agility, interoperability, performance, and more. It discusses the importance of clear requirements, describes patterns and tradeoffs that can influence quality, and metrics for quality assessment and overall system analysis. The last section of the book leverages practical experience and evidence to look ahead at the challenges faced by organizations in capturing and realizing quality requirements, and explores the basis of future work in this area. * Explains how design decisions and method selection influence overall system quality, and lessons learned from theories and frameworks on architectural quality* Shows how to align enterprise, system, and software architecture for total quality* Includes case studies, experiments, empirical validation, and systematic comparisons with other approaches already in practice.

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