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Oracle Database 12c Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery

Oracle Database 12c Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery Image

Book details:

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education
Category: McGraw Hill
Posted:Jul 10 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:56.23 MB

Book Description:

This authoritative Oracle Press resource on RMAN has been thoroughly revised to cover every new feature, offering the most up-to-date information This fully updated volume lays out the easiest, fastest, and most effective methods of deploying RMAN in Oracle Database environments of any size. Keeping with previous editions, this book teaches computing professionals at all skill levels how to fully leverage every powerful RMAN tool and protect mission-critical data.Oracle Database 12c RMAN Backup and Recovery explains how to generate reliable archives and carry out successful system restores. You will learn to work from the command line or GUI, automate the database backup process, perform Oracle Flashback recoveries, and deploy third-party administration utilities. The book features full details on cloud computing, report generation, performance tuning, and security.Offers up-to-date coverage of Oracle Database 12c new featuresExamples and workshops throughout walk you through important RMAN operations

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