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Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics 2nd Edition

Computer Forensics Secrets & Solutions

Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics 2nd Edition Image

Book details:

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Categories: McGraw Hill , Hacking Exposed
Posted:Jun 30 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:11.62 MB

Book Description:

"Provides the right mix of practical how-to knowledge in a straightforward, informative fashion that ties it all the complex pieces together with real-world case studies. ...Delivers the most valuable insight on the market. The authors cut to the chase of what people must understand to effectively perform computer forensic investigations." --Brian H. Karney, COO, AccessData CorporationThe latest strategies for investigating cyber-crimeIdentify and investigate computer criminals of all stripes with help from this fully updated. real-world resource. Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition explains how to construct a high-tech forensic lab, collect prosecutable evidence, discover e-mail and system file clues, track wireless activity, and recover obscured documents. Learn how to re-create an attacker's footsteps, communicate with counsel, prepare court-ready reports, and work through legal and organizational challenges. Case studies straight from today's headlines cover IP theft, mortgage fraud, employee misconduct, securities fraud, embezzlement, organized crime, and consumer fraud cases.Effectively uncover, capture, and prepare evidence for investigationStore and process collected data in a highly secure digital forensic labRestore deleted documents, partitions, user activities, and file systemsAnalyze evidence gathered from Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systemsUse the latest Web and client-based e-mail tools to extract relevant artifactsOvercome the hacker's anti-forensic, encryption, and obscurity techniques Unlock clues stored in cell phones, PDAs, and Windows Mobile devicesPrepare legal documents that will hold up to judicial and defense scrutiny

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